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PETA – HSUS Followers WAKE UP! Your supporting killers

Posted by admin on April 16, 2008



For years we’ve been amused by the ridiculous complaints and accusations of animal rights groups such as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, Friends of Animals, the Humane Society, and others. They have tried to encourage our young people to drink beer instead of milk, cried foul about casino patrons playing tick-tack-toe against chickens, vilified Burger King because their veggie burgers are cooked on the same grill with meat patties, and filed lawsuits against McDonalds for labeling French fries and hash browns as vegetarian items, because they are fried in vegetable oil that contains traces of beef essence.

Hardly a week goes by that people with common sense don’t get a chuckle from the antics of these supposedly well-meaning imbeciles. We ignore their inane babblings and smile at their suggestions concerning relocation of prairie dogs. We shake our heads at their attempts to control deer population through contraception, and we just about busted a gut when a couple of them sued the state of New Jersey because they hit a deer with their car.

The problem is that they’re not funny anymore. They’re dangerous.

The basic premise of animal rights groups is that animals are just as important as people, if not more so. Alex Pacheco, former director of PETA, said, We feel that animals have the same rights as retarded children. PETA’s president, Ingrid Newkirk, said, Six million Jews died in concentration camps, but 6 billion broiler chickens will die this year in slaughterhouses.

Chris De Rose, director of Last Chance for Animals, said, If the death of one rat cured all diseases, it wouldn’t make any difference to me. A rat’s life, in other words, is as important as the lives of countless people.

Many people think of the Humane Society as a group interested only in helping animals that have been abandoned or abused, certainly not a radical organization. But its vice president, Michael W. Fox, said, The life of an ant and that of my child should be granted equal consideration.? Not much doubt where Fox stands.

These attitudes are disturbing, but most of us have not associated animal rights activists with actual violence in the past. All that has changed. Pacheco, who is now head of an animal rights fund-raising company, recently said, Arson, property destruction, burglary, and theft are acceptable crimes, when used for the animal cause. These people have no regard for the property or safety of other humans.

One of the main problems in combating these space cadets is that they are seen as people who are sincerely trying to do The Right Thing. They are not. Their efforts are aimed, not at obtaining rights for animals, but at controlling the lives of the rest of us. We need to wake up and smell the litter box. They want to take away our freedom, and maybe our lives.

On September 11, 2001 , the day of the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington D.C. , The Earth Liberation Front and its sister group, the Animal Liberation Front, took credit for burning a McDonald’s in Tucson . Nine days later the ALF set fire to the Coulston Foundation primate-research facility, and claims to have been the group that set fire to two meat trucks in New York in March, 2001, and placed other incendiary devices beneath trucks in Canada in 2000.

FBI special agent David Szady said, Make no mistake about it; by any sense or any definition, (ELF) is a domestic-terrorism group. ALF uses the same tactics, as do many other groups.

The problem has reached the point where even our federal government recognizes the threat. On February 12, 2002 , U.S. Congress held a hearing on eco-terrorism, at which Craig Rosebraugh, former spokesman for ELF, was called to testify. When asked about the 137 attacks the ELF took credit for during 2001, including the fire-bombing of a Vail ski resort which resulted in $12 million in damages, Rosebraugh pled the Fifth Amendment more than 50 times.

ELF’s website opens with a picture of a burning building the direct work of its members. The first page contains an article entitled Setting Fires With Electrical Timers An Earth Liberation Front Guide. There is no question that David Szady is correct.

David Barbarash, of the ALF, sells books online that contain instructions for criminal activity. The ELF and ALF brag that they have caused $45 million in damages since 1997.

The 2002 national animal rights conference was held in Washington , D.C. , June 28 , July 3. One of the highlights was a speech by Captain Paul Watson, founder and president of The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Watson quoted Timothy McVeigh, who said he considered dead women and children to be collateral damage, a by-product of war.

Watson was also quoted as saying, There are 30 million plus species on this planet. They’re all earthlings. They’re all equal. And some are more equal than others, I admit. Earthworms are far more valuable than people. He also said, There’s nothing wrong with being a terrorist, as long as you win.

Last June PETA hired Gary Yourofsky as its National Lecturer, planning to have him tour the nation and speak to educators and students. Yourofsky founded Animals Deserve Adequate Protection Today and Tomorrow, and is a strong advocate of terrorism. He has a tattoo displaying the symbols of the ELF, and once said that if an animal abuser were killed in the process of burning down a research lab, I would unequivocally support that.

We are involved in a war against eco-terrorists, and one of the main problems we face is the difficulty in recognizing the enemy. Some of these groups, such as the Humane Society of the United States , are viewed as benign animal lovers. Many of them adopt names that conjure images of cuddly kittens and playful puppies in order to lure honest people into opening up their wallets. When all else fails, they lie. PETA, for instance, claims to eschew violence, yet the organization makes large donations to ALF.

This is a war we will not win unless, and until, we acknowledge the fact that animal rights activists are people-hating criminals, no less a threat to the American way of life than Al Quida. Even those groups that do not actually condone violence are guilty, since they encourage citizens to become involved in the overall cause. There is no middle ground left.

We’ve laughed at the animal rights wackos long enough. It’s time to start taking them seriously . . .

The Animail Rights Activist and the Humane Society’s eventual goals will completely destroy the rural culture of America. The time has come that everyone must help stop these groups.

28 Responses to “PETA – HSUS Followers WAKE UP! Your supporting killers”

  1. joe said

    I love the ALF and ELF and PETA — we MUST support them! 🙂

  2. Jan said

    Joe sounds like one of the intellectual giants that would be likely to support these organizations.

  3. awake said

    Mr. Anonymous: While it’s unfortunate that anyone should ever have to resort to violence, it is sometimes a last resort that does in fact work.

    Cops know it, the military knows it, bullies know it, parents know it, terrorists know it, our government knows it. All of these groups use it because it is effective. Agree so far?

    So, what do you do when nothing else works? You resort to violence. Still in agreement?

    What is a terrorist aside from someone who inflicts terror. Can the groups mentioned above commit acts of terror? I would argue yes, do you agree? I would also argue that they do it often. So if the institution commits acts of terror, how is it different when non-institution groups do so? It’s not unless a certain condition is true.

    Yes, it’s different when animal rights activists use it since it isn’t for personal gain or for the financial gain of a country. It’s strictly for the defense of the animals.

    I see what you’ve been saying throughout your post, but you may be a bit off on a few assumptions. You can think it through or ignore it as you see fit. I would like it if you would at least consider it for a moment or two:

    You seem to be implying that non-human animals are less valuable than humans…quite a bit less valuable. Is this strictly due to the difference in intelligence?

    You seem to think that the animal rights groups inflict terror and destruction for either frivolous or unethical or selfish reasons. I don’t think that they are in it for the profit. There are quicker and easier ways to make money…certainly safer ways. Obviously, the “foot soldiers” aren’t in it for the money.

    You seem to support the institution when it commits acts of terrorism. What makes the institution so right and the non-institution so wrong? Is it the law? Are all laws ethical? Are they ethical if they protect abusive actions (against animals)?

    I’m not here to pass judgment. I’ve been as polite and objective as I am able. I’m just here to raise some questions.

    Thank you for providing a place to express my comments about the issues you have raised, sincerely.

    • John said

      the problem is not if they are not intelligent as we are, the problem ,and think about it. is that they cannot think, they cannot reason like you and me right now. agree so far. I dont doutb the whole good intentions towards animals but think for a second a zebra in Africa got killed by a lion now answer me was this kill ethical? Do you think the lion felt remorse for killing his dinner? do you think the lion “thinks” zebras are less valuable than they are? where do you draw the line? Do you follow? the problem of people like you is that they never read any good book besides garbage like “animal liberation” and the real problem is that you see cruelty only in human terms and since you are in love of the concept of animal liberation answer me are we animals? arent we in the top of the animal chart?
      We cannot impose our extreme views on people then we are not better than the lions of my example. people has been eating animals for millions of years animals have been eating animals for millions of years, and we are animals right? we should respect and take care of animals and make their life better and (my opinion) avoid eating too much meat but we cannot forget how humans kill, abused , mistreat, slave other human beings this my friend is what really matters this is the “real” problem… and remember we are also animals….

  4. Tom H. said

    The Bible says it best! Gen.1:26 And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.

    You can’t argue with that! Unless you want to go to hell!

    • Gwen said

      OK I WILL seeing as the bible is a book writen by men, for men and so that men can do whatever they want to. Only low, selfish idiots hurt aniamls.

  5. Peta does so many stupid things, it’s only a matter of time before a book is out about it.

  6. Barb R said

    I am sitting here late at night doing my research on the HS/SPCA/PETA when I ended up viewing your site.I myself am a victim of the what is becoming known as the “rogue”HS. I now question if they are rogue at all.I have always been a very trusting person and so even with all my research I still find it hard to believe an organization like that can be no better than organized crime.In my case they lied,gave out false reports, terrorized me,threatened me,MURDERED some of my animals ,poisoned my dogs, to name just a few.All of this was done in order for the director of the Washington County HS/ Paul F Miller in MD could make a lot of money-GREED .The criminal element of the HS and their sister organizations use the Rico Act to gain wealth because it allows them to keep all seized property and donation without any accounting of how much they get or where it goes.The worse they make the case and the more publicity they get, the more money goes in their pocket. There is much information that I can not devulge at this time due to upcoming legal proceedings.The whole story is stranger than any fiction and equaly horrific. It is very difficult to fight these people as they have a reputation of loving animals. It is like trying to convince the public Santa Clause is really a child abuser.There is so much to this story ,this is not even the tip of the iceburg.I wish no one to go through the pain and ruin that I have this past 18 months.Exposing them is all I have left.

  7. Samuel said

    I think not of this extreme article.

    Yes, the acts caused by Alf and Elf are extreme, but no on ever got something huge done, without “burning down” some buildings first.

    They are using extreme force because it’s the only way for them to get attention.

    All they want is equality.

    It’s not communism.

    so what if we must give up some items?

    Okay, Leather is a hugely used product, but their is a substitute for things like that.

    Beef, eggs, etc. are all important to our diet, but ToFu by-products and protein pills can cover up the gaps left in your diet from not eating them.

    We’re not “giving up our freedom” by choosing to be vegan or vegitarian,

    we are just giving up a few rights, and we help thousands of eco-systems flourish.

    If you want to argue with this, please have facts and subdue points to prove your own statement.

  8. TAC said


    HSUS is being investigated for death and kidnapping threats! It’s about time this terrorist group answers for their violent nature. The Petland store website posted a great press release concerning HSUS and what they are up to. Check it out and get informed about the HSUS hate group!! Keep up the great work here!!!

    • Gwen said

      And the KKK is a great group, sorry no hate group is KKK the HSUS is a group for animals and always will be for the animals.

  9. kevin said

    If you want to eat ToFo eat it but i eat meat. GEN 1:26 i totaly agree, Animals can have rights when they can stand up fir them.

    • Gwen said

      Ok, lets put you into a small cage for the rest of your life, cut off the ends of your fingers so you cant scratch or attack the other people in your small cage. Lets force feed you until your enormus, then take you hang you by your feet slit your throat bleed you out then skin you and cut you up so some greedy basterd can have there stake/chicken/turky/pig/fish for dinner. You sicken me

  10. TAC said

    Death threats and kidnapping threats coming from another HSUS campaign?!?!?!?! HSUS and Wayne Pacelle show us YET AGAIN they are a domestic terrorist group! How dare you put the life of HUMAN BEINGS in jeopardy to raise MORE millions for your own personal use! You will be held accountable for your criminal actions by the US government. You are not going to sleaze you way out of this one Wayne. I am absolutely repulsed by the HSUS terrorist machine!

    • Gwen said

      Yeah cus oh humans are the only one that are alowed rights. You my friend are worth less then a ant, way way less.

  11. I love your site! 🙂

    Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!

  12. jb said

    Im not even going to argue i cant be assed. all i can say is i hope tom is joking by relating to the bible which is a work of fiction and about as relevant as a harry potter book. and kevin are you really that fucking stupid that you think an animal who cant speak can stand up for itself? even if it fought back you’d beat it down, because you’re bigger than it. That just makes you a bully and a pussy! All sentient ( look it up in a dictionnary tom and kev ) beings have a right to life and freedom. So take down your confederate flags, pull the 18th burger of the day out of your fat fucking mouths and open your eyes.

  13. AdoptABlackDog said

    All of you people defending PETA, WAKE UP! There are vegans and vegetarians who are opposed to PETA. Nathan Winograd, the man who formulated the logistics for a successful no-kill shelter system, strongly opposes PETA. That pathetic excuse for an animal rights group had a 97% kill rate of all adoptable animals that they took in! That’s worse than the most dismal kill shelter. If you care about animals, support your local no-kill shelter or rescue. Fight in your own name. Do not join forces or donate money to the hypocrites at PETA or HSUS. Even ASPCA is a lie.

  14. Forest of the abandoned said

    The continuing breeding of millions upon millions of domestic pets by owners that cant care for them and give then to uncaring people for a sum of money. Where do all these animals go when there abandoned? I mean come on people! thousands of animals get killed via drowing and crueler methods of disposal of which i cant even post here.
    Do you know the number of domestic pets v humans willing to take then in?. We are producing thousands upon millions of domestic births every year to animals that will never find a good home. Just torture,neglect or abuse. If you hate PETA that much, why dont you write to them and tell them that you can rehome all abandoned animals yourself?? Instead of wasting your time slagging PETA of, why dont you write to them and tell them about animal centres that you know will take animals fo them an rehome them ?? Team work comes to mind. Old quote= It takes one person to take a shot and a whole team to win a game.


    Watson was named HERO OF THE PLANET by that liberal rag TIME a few years ago Nothing surprising for a leftwing rag like TIME

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